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Gentlesoll Ranch

gentlesoll ranch
Gentlesoll Ranch, pronounced “Gentle Soul”, is a blend of both of our surnames – Gentleman and Ingersoll – and reflects the nature of this beautiful land. Rolling hills dotted with clusters of mighty oaks, majestic cottonwoods and beautiful cedars. Multiple ponds, whose numbers vary with precipitation patterns, are a water source for the cattle; but more importantly to our labs, the source of great pleasure for these avid swimmers and retrievers. Our ranch is truly peaceful and an ideal place to connect with nature.

We grew up on farms and loved animals all of our lives, especially dogs. So it was no surprise that we retired to a ranch with cattle, 3 donkeys, 2 horses and 14 doggies.
About Tim, Jan and Jonathan


Tim has always loved labs (Labrador Retrievers). They overflow with love for their people, thriving on praise, they are smart and easy to train. Labs love to have fun, and fun for them is as easy as chasing and retrieving a stick or a run through the woods. Statistically, Labs have been the number one choice for family pet for many years. Providing families with the joy and companionship of a lab fur baby is one objective of The Smart Pup Kennel.


When Jan’s little sister’s diabetes put her in a life threatening situation, Jan began researching service dogs that help diabetics. She learned that dogs can be trained to notice and respond to the scent of low blood sugar. Researching the ideal service dog breeds, we discovered the Australian Labradoodles. They are hypoallergenic, don’t shed, and a bonus is their loving, cuddly, calm, incredibly smart and intuitive nature. This led us to Sandcastle Labradoodles and Joan Standlee in Tavares, Florida. Soon we became partners in an enterprise to provide families with these loving companion fur babies or as a service dog for people with diabetes, PTSD, seizures, autism, or anyone that needs more than a companion – a helper. This is another objective of The Smart Pup Kennel.


Our son Jonathan graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a degree in Business Management. After several years in sales, he returned to his real passion – working with and training dogs. He studied how-to train dogs and now applies his skills and knowledge with our Labradors and Labradoodles. Providing forever home families with a well behaved and trained companion is yet another objective of The Smart Pup Kennel.